Monday, August 9, 2010


Andreea Raducan shoots some hoops for the kids.

According to Libertatea, Andreea Raducan, is still doing her bit to promote exercise and good health among the kids of Romania, talking up the virtues of exercise in a recent article.  Unfortunately, Libertatea is one of those more trashy Romanian rags who are wont to ask the impertinent questions in the name of journalism.  Among them, they actually asked her how much she weighs.  Andreea claimed she has gained only five kilos since she was a gymnast (from 37 to 42), which is astonishing, but believable- she is tiny.  So I guess the exercise is working!  They also asked if she was in a relationship (she does not share) and wether she had ever taken Nurofen, which I thought was weird.  Is it a joke, because she got in trouble for taking a basically harmless drug- or is it some other unknown context I don't understand?!
Call me dull, but I thought the most interesting response was when they asked if she planned to move overseas.  Andreea quite firmly does not wish to.

No, and so I wanted to spend more time at home.  I lost some important moments in my life when I was abroad. In 2006 when I lost my father, I told you when I have to spend more to me with my mother.
Also, in other fascinating examples of Libertatea's attempts at cutting edge investigative journalism, they discovered Andreea like to cook Tiramasu and Moldovan meatballs!

Andreea- always composed

In a nation where some strange things have happened among retired gymnasts, including nudie videos, selling off medals and threats to sue federations, Andreea, despite having what was probably one of the most controversial moments for a Romanian gymnast, has maintained a dignity and elegance in the public eye.  Not easy when you are constantly being asked a bunch of probing and shallow questions either.


  1. They didn't ask her whether she had ever taken Nurofen. They asked her whether she had taken any Nurofen since then [the Sydney Olympics]. Her answer was no: 'Like everyone else, I've had a few colds over the last ten years, but I haven't taken that medicine again.'

  2. I wonder how high that basketball net was...