Monday, August 30, 2010


Raluca Haidu (Pic: Beatrice Ghoerghisor

I wonder who else will be named to the Romanian team? I think it is all a little up in the air right now, as Raluca Haidu is really not looking like the girl she was last year.  Where is the wry, funny little tank of a kid who bulldozed her way through her gymnastics (but with her toes pointed!) routines?

She seems to have lost her power, her pizzaz, and yes, her confidence.  What is with that?
Although she cam back in the event finals at Euros, she had a rough team competition, and her results at the recent GBR vs Romania were not great.  I know she has been injured, but I wonder if it is psychological?

But who knows?

I do remember a similar thing occurring with Amelia Racea a while back.  She shot out of the junior ranks, all guns blazing a few years back, claiming she wanted to win every prize in sight.  Then, six months to a year down the track, she seemed to lose confidence.  Maybe it was seeing herself among the seniors, maybe it was the gathering pressure of competition after competition, maybe it was the feel of wear and tear, maybe it was slowly learning that not every performance is going to be as great as your best one.  

But then she seemed to pick herself back up again, find her self-confidence and now she looks great and is a key member of the team.  I don't know what happened to lift her again but I hope the same happens for Pitic, I really, really do...


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