Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Carlotta Ferlito (Pic: International Gymnast)

I have to admit I find Carlotta Ferlito a fascinating athlete already.  One look at her and you think you know what you have got, another strong, good on the leg events, sturdy Italian gymnast.  Yep, we have the kind of gymnast who qualifies second on vault.

But is that really all we have?  Well, no- obviously.  Her AA ranking after day 1 proved that.

Sure, she is very Italian- A press beam mount, anyone?  But look at the rest of her beam work.  She doesn't have that gorgeous, slender body line that judges love.  And though she is slight she is certainly no Galante.

But look at that whole mount sequence!  I mean, it's BEAUTIFUL!!.  The way she kicks up into that split handstand and bends the foot down to her head?  The way she fluidly shifts back and raises herself to her feet up on her toes?  That is some gorgeous beam work right there.  There are far more 'beautiful' gymnasts out there doing far less beautiful chorey.  So for one thing, she has a smart coach.  Her Memmel turn is well done and they know it, utilising it on beam and floor.  When she hits all her leaps which she didn't manage to on beam, she will be great.  Besides, her failure to I attribute to her being cautious more than not actually being able to hit them, because she hit her splits were no problem on floor.


Speaking of floor, she can tumble really, really well, nail a few landings and dance without embarrassing herself (tougher for an Italian junior than you might think!!).  She has everything in place there.

 She isn't too bad on bars either, which helps, qualifying fifth or sixth, as I see it.

But what does she seems to have that I think is going to stand her in great stead for the future in the sport?  Nerves of steel.  It was those as much as anything that landed her third place in qualifications when other girls were expected to be there.  I hope she can keep it up.  There may be a Memmel in her somewhere.  And I like to have a Memmel around.

P.S. I wonder if Desiree Baumert can make a comeback after her bad qualis?  She just scraped into the finals if they are doing top 24.  Are they?


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  1. No, they're only doing top 18...

    I was impressed by Carlotta as well - that beam mount sequence really caught my eye!