Thursday, August 19, 2010


In crazy news- Gymnastics Coaching  reported that Vazam has opted not to go for worlds, instead focusing on her college career.  That's a great one for team loyalty, but a sad one for those of us who were excited to see how she would show on a world stage.
Miss Val talked about the whole Worlds thing with Marta (she discusses it in this video).  I was surprised Marta was so supportive of the collegiate/elite double up, but apparently she was.
Val also claims that this elite dip was just to "get our feet wet", just to see how Vanessa held up against the big picture of US elite gymnastics.

So, it seems that Marta has told them she wants Vanessa to work on her vaults and get consistent for at least six months.  Who knows, maybe Marta is smarter than we think?  Maybe if Vanessa had landed those two vaults on two days, she might feel differently.  But maybe she is willing to let good things come to those who wait too? Or maybe she just isn't willing to take the risk- and fair enough too.

I get it.  I do. 

And also, maybe Vanessa doesn't just want to be the Cheng' when she makes it to a world team.  It is sad, because on one level, having her there for that one whooping score vault might be better than having some potentially inconsistent multi-event athletes
on the team.  But who is to say she can't try again next year with far greater skills?
It does blow, because the US could do with her vault, and it would be sooo fun to have her there, but...

Maybe we just have to fight our urge to have the fairy tale story we all love too much, the 'in her first season elite she makes the world team' kind of tale we had with Kayla Williams.  Maybe Vazam, Val and even maybe Marta wants this to in a sustained, healthy way. Maybe I do too.

I just pray Vazam doesn't get injured.  please don't let her get injured!!!!!!



  1. PolyisTCOandbannedAugust 20, 2010 at 2:58 AM

    This is BS. Of course she's not guaranteed a spot, but she would have been extremely competitive to make the team.

    I blame Miss Val for not supporting having her athlete try this (and face the prospect of Sam and Mattie want to train for free also)! And I blame the entire NCAA women's gym for having rules that actually make it harder to do both (look at men's gym where the programs support each other, no conflicts).

    This is not Marta's fault, it's Miss Val's. Maybe Vanessa lacked the will also.

    Bye bye Cheng. Thanks for helping the USA World team...NOT!

  2. Oh, I wholeheartedly believe Marta said no to this, not Val or Vanessa. This is Marta flipping Karolyi we're talking about. Our worlds team will be whoever she feels like taking to worlds. And I have no problem believing Marta gave Val the "not this year" speech. It's more like Marita to do that than not, if she thinks VaZam isn't ready for the worlds scene. Marta's tough to impress and VaZam's shaky performances at Visas (she looked nervous both nights) weren't exactly convincing. The stuck Cheng was gorgeous - but can she hit it at Worlds when it counts? If she were to take a knee in team finals a la night 2 of nationals, she wouldn't be worth the team slot.

    (I love Zam; I just don't think it's her year.)

  3. I think Marta said no to, and I think that is what Val is saying, though of course trying tomake it sound like she and Vazam absolutely agree.