Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Much as we knew, except it is confirmed that it is certainly true, Vazam has RSVPed 'No' and declined to go to the prom.  Amanda Jetter, however, has successfully petitioned her way into the twelve-girl selection camp.  Let the scratching, biting and Marta-fearing begin!!

Rebecca Bross, Plano, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Mackenzie Caquatto, Naperville, Ill./Legacy Elite Gymnastics
Chelsea Davis, Lakeway, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Kytra Hunter, Frederick, Md./Hill's Gymnastics
Amanda Jetter, Milford, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics
Mattie Larson, Los Angeles, Calif./All Olympia
Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass./Brestyan's American Gymnastics
Alicia Sacramone, Winchester, Mass./Brestyan's American Gymnastics
Samantha Shapiro, Los Angeles, Calif./All Olympia
Bridget Sloan, Pittsboro, Ind./Sharp's Gymnastics Academy
Morgan Smith, Clermont, Fla./Brandy Johnson's Global Gymnastics
Cassandra Whitcomb, Cincinnati, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics 
Now it's time to watch and wait....for leaks....

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  1. PolyisTCOandbannedAugust 25, 2010 at 9:41 PM

    VaZam should be there and Marta was willing to have her try out. It is the UCLA-based decision not to try for Worlds. This stinks.