Monday, August 23, 2010



So, the news has it that the reason Vika Komova didn't fare so well in Day two of EFs at the YOGs in Singapore is because she was tired!  According to the All Around Gymnastics News, she was subjected to a prolonged doping control testing, which kept her up later than she would normally have been up.  It.'s probably tiring enough putting in gold-winning performance after gold-winning performance.  And I am not even being that sarcastic!  Follow the AAGN link to read the rest of the article.

According to her coach Gennadi Yelfimov, the errors were due to lack of sleep following a prolonged doping control after the first night of event finals. „We didn't get back to the Olympic Village until 2 am. Because of this Vika slept very little. She had too little time to recuperate.“
I didn't even feel like going to the gym today,“ Komova confided, „and that hardly ever happens, only when I'm very tired.“
I imagine sleeping in would be impossible, not just with training, but with a body clock that is used to waking up in the early morning.  Gymnastics is certainly not something you can or should be doing on so little sleep.

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