Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Thank goodness I was wrong about Bross... (see post below).  I like to see her compete.  It's always a wild ride, to say the least.

I am with Aunt Joyce, and have been for a while on this one.  I don't think Bridget Sloan is going to be World Champion again.  Aside from the fact she hasn't been able to do any gymnastics for a while, I just see a gymnast who is performing prosaic routines which lack the confidence, the grit and the energy she used to have.  Maybe I am wrong, but anyway, I want this year's world champion to want it.  To want it bad just like Bridget did last year.

Really, world Champion this year should be Rebecca Bross.  But its Brossy, so I say should

The wasted opportunity last year should make her want it.   Besides, seriously, if she doesn't win- particularly because of a silly mistake- someone should read her the riot act. 

Besides, she also really better get in and win a big title before Miss Jordyn 'just messing with a 3/1 Yurchenko' Wieber appears on the Senior National squad.  Because then it's all over.

What if Bross doesn't win?  What if she has one of her wildly inconsistent times (thought it probaly would have to have the emphasis one 'wildly' wouldn't it, now Sloan is out of the picture?)? What if some other upstart wins?  Will it matter when it comes to Worlds?  No?  Sure, whoever might sneak in and win will have a much better chance of making it onto Marta's Worlds team, but it won't stop Brossy being the number one contender for the World AA.

And this is how it has always been. Rebecca Bross winning (I meant to say Day 1) of Nats last year didn't win her Worlds- it gave Sloans the competitive fire to play the one card she has that Rebecca bross doesn't afterwards- consistency on both day 2 and  later at Worlds.

Yup- gymnasts in dresses is like polar bears in suits- weird.

SJ winning the 2008 US Nats didn't wind up guaranteeing anything either- it just made Nastia pull out the Soviet in her and beat that Buffy down in Beijing.  The two Courtney's winning the US Olympic trials didn't stop Carly Patterson.  It made the animal in Patterson stronger.

As I said, winning this years national crown, though it might be the optimal time for Brossy to convince herself that she can pull off another consistent competition like she (almost) did at Pac Rims before Worlds, the biggest beneficiary for a win, I think, really always would have been one of those newbies who are trying to claw their way onto this worlds squad.  That'd make Marta sit up and notice.  It also might distract the media from all the Bross hype, and focus the attention on someone who really needs it to get to Worlds.   



  1. Wait a moment! Jordyn is trying a TTY?? O.O

  2. 100% agree. Sloan doesn't want it enough and I don't see her ever repeating. She got lucky that the Worlds post-Olympics usually have a weak field. Though I don't particularly like Bross's style of gymnastics at all (no artistry!) she needs to win something, either nationals or worlds, to mentally convince herself that she can as she heads into 2011.

  3. I would be willing to concede that maybe I am just out of the loop on many of the top Senior U.S. contenders, but right now I can't even think of five easy picks for the Worlds team. My hope is that so many talented seniors pull through at Nationals that I wind up with more Worlds contenders on my mental list than there are slots available. The last time I remember feeling this way about the U.S. team was at the '04 Olympic trials, when I was like, "Patterson, Kupets, McCool, Bjardwaj, Schwiekert, Yim, Hatch, Humphrey, Memmel, Vice...oh my god, someone's getting screwed..."