Monday, August 23, 2010


Little Tess Moonen, who won the bronze on beam at the junior European Championships in Birmingham this year, was expected to have some great results on beam again at YOGs.  Though she came in fifth, this was not possibly what she had hoped for.  Tess has arrived home to the Netherlands, and her parents, who struggled with the Internet in Singapore, gave  a brief update on Tess's experience.  They said she prepared well, despite Tess feeling the nerves, and that the atmosphere was amazing with so many in the stands.  It was hard for Tess to not be able to succeed, and to show what she could do in such a moment.  However, they described her feelings as

the disappointment and anger that befits a true athlete, and why it is so good to participate in these kinds of events, to experience this kind of tension, to learn to handle it.
Ha ha, that all makes sense, but lets not forget what a great performance it was from Tess, that she was in the finals and had no medal expectations before coming here.  She had a fantastic performance in the qualifications and the AA final, and then expected she might be able to get a medal.  Okay, that did not work, but 5th in beam is great.

It is great too.  Knowing she had very little chance of a medal on floor, Tess was able to enjoy that experience more, apparently.  Now, as her parents say, Tess gets to relax a little, and fall back into the rhythm of training and school.

It has, let's not forget, been a busy year for the juniors.  Tess had Euros, then recently, her National Championships, a meet in Hungary in preparation for YOGs, and then the Youth Olympics.  Now they can get some sleep and go back to training!

And that's the restful time!  My busy life feels like a walk in the park in comparison!


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  1. Ah it was quite a pity about the 5th for bars. she fell during warmups for her jaeger. then during the actual routine she managed to catch the bar, but right after that i think she lost concentration and so had a form break. other than that i think she did great at the games (: her floor was pretty solid! i look forward to seeing more of her in the future (: