Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It seems Belu and Bitang invited all and sundry back to train at the ranch after their return.  Corina came back.  Cata thought about it, and now Prosport just revealed that Steliana Nistor also had a go.  Nistor, who thought she might be able to have another shot- at least on two events, lasted only a week, however, before back pain began to plague her once again.
Since, Steliana has taken herself off on a trip to Norway where she has a one year contract training gymnasts.  I wish her a good time, because the trip back to Izvorani wasn't one.

I have to say, though Steliana was always lacking in the form department, she had absolutely incredible talent.  I am surprised that more don't liken Bross to her (though Bross does have indeed better form).  I have always felt sad that Steli didn't medal individually in Beijing.  She came so close, and she was clearly so devastated.


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  1. You should check out KseniaSemenovaFan's montages about the gymnasts that retired in 2009-10. I think you could find something post worthy in it. There's 2 parts so enjoy.:)