Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Charlotte Mackie (pic: Jeff Sipsey)

How neglectful of me that I have not yet talked about the Canadian World/Commonwealth Games selection!

Here's the list folks, thanks to the ever informative Gymn.ca;

World Championships
Kristina Vaculik
Dominique Pegg
Jessica Savona
Charlotte Mackie
Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto
Coralie Leblond-Chartrand
Commonwealth Games
Catherine Dion
Kristin Klarenbach
Cynthia Lemieux
Gabrielle May
Emma Willis

It seems Canada is playing it safe, sending entirely different squads to both meets.  Not everyone is doing that, though a few commonwealth nations, like Australia are hedging  their bets/ covering their butts by only sending the bare minimum to India in case of illness etc and the rest on to Rotterdam.

It's great to see Vaculik has managed to make Worlds considering she is headed to Stanford and has to juggle both trainings.  I am glad Stanford agreed to it, because she is invaluable and a delight to watch.  Dom Pegg will also be another invaluable member if she can keep her head together in competition.  She always seems confident and capable in training, but melts a little once on the apparatus.
It's also cool to see the littlest Mackie, Charlotte on the worlds team. She always seems to hover around, but never quite comes out on top.  I haven't seen her compete in some time.

 I must admit I know very little about Savona and Leblond Chartrand, but have come across Dancose-Giambattista in the Word Cup circuit this year. I believe she is quite a decent bars worker.

Kristina Vaculik (pic: Gymnastics Coaching)

As for the Comm Games Team, I know very few here.  I remember Cynthia Lemieux as the gymnast who placed third at the Wild Rose Invitational this year where the Chinese reigned supreme.  I think she is quite good on bars too?

They are, obviously, missing Brittany Rogers, their vaulter, which won't be great for team scores, but it is an interesting team they are fielding.  Sydney Sawa, last year's National Champion is, of course, off to UCLA where she will have to put in a hell of training/performance to break into that line up with the calibre of freshies trooping in.  I wonder if it would have been easier to make it onto a Canadian National Team for one of these International meets at this point in UCLA's history?



  1. I believe Brittany Rogers is out with an ankle injury for a few months.

  2. That's a bummer, here in aus we'll get commonwealth games coverage and no worlds!