Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Russell Neal (www.steliana-nistor.net)

Another great piece of opinion from Justin Caouette in Issue 6 of The Couch Gymnast Magazine- this time about the vault;
I have seen a lot of great things about elite gymnastics fade away since I became a fan fourteen years ago: the six-five-four rule in team competition; the 10.0 scoring system; the possibility of a medals sweep in the All-Around (a la the USSR in the 1989 Worlds).  But do you know what was really cool about gymnastics that I miss more than anything?  An amazingly cool apparatus they used to do called the “vault”.
 It was this giant block at the end of a runway that looked like a horse saddle (last time I saw it), and gymnasts would hurdle over it by jumping from a springboard.  And when they were in the air, they would do incredible aerial tricks.  And we viewers would watch for the stuck landings, and it was all very short and intense, and everyone remembers when Kerri Strug…wait, what?  Oh, they still do vault?  In team competition?!
Justin has a great way with words, and a really interesting idea about how we might be able to  make vaulting special again.

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  1. http://www.gymnastics.org.au/default.asp?Page=17897

    Monckton from Australia is out of Commonwealth Games, and World Championship Trials