Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Thanks once again to Bea over at Gymnastics No Ceiling for the news.
It goes something like this;

The team for the match against Great Britain has been decided:

Gabriela Drăgoi

Cerasela Pătraşcu

Raluca Haidu

Diana Trenca

Daniela Andrei
Coaches: Liliana Cosma and Florin Cotutiu
As Bea notes, and as is patently obvious from the selection, the Roms have done the wise thing and sent not the gymnasts who can flat out win, but the gymnasts who need to compete most.  Patrascu and Dragoi still have a ways to go to be convincing in terms of team selection.  Patrascu, though she has competed, has been significantly watered down for a while.  Dragoi has barely been visible, what with the long injury, then the 'weight' issues. She was looking very trim in recent videos. I don't even want to know how she lost it.

Trenca and Andrei both need more international competitive experience to make them ready for any possible Worlds selection, and Raluca Haidu, despite doing a lot of competing in the last year or two, need to work on her consistency a whole lot after her Euros team competition.

It is not surprising either, that the two B's are staying home and sending Lilia and Florin- the girls they need to sharpen the most for the medal race are at home.  Their potential AAers, Chelaru and Racea are there too.  From what I hear, the plan is to only put the recovering Porgy, who they surely do not want to overwork, on two events at Rotterdam. Sandra Izbasa who, if the videos have proved true, has amped her difficulty is probably another they want to keep safe for the sake of the team score as well as any floor medal chances. 

I think they are playing it totally smart.  Now, it just remains to be seen how GBR will play it.....

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