Saturday, August 14, 2010


Gabriela Dragoi.  Pic: www.prosport.rp

Romania defeated Great Britain in their friendy meet in Ipswich yesterday;

Romania 164.400
GBR       163.100

There was not much in it.  National Champion, Hannah Whelan, took the AA;

1. Hannah Whelan 55.650
2. Dana Andrei  55.600
3. Raluca Haidu   54.900
4. Jocelyn Hunt   53.100
5. Dianca Trenca 52.950

From British Gymnastics;

“We have started our preparation for the World Championships in Rotterdam (NED) in June under the new Head coaches Mariana Bitang and Octavian Belu.  We have been invited to come here with 7 gymnasts, but arrived with 5, because some of our strong gymnasts are recovering from injuries and others are not ready to compete as yet,” said the Romanian Head of DelegationMircea Apolzan.
“In fact, the results are not very important for us! What is important at this moment of our preparation for Rotterdam - is the content of the routines; what are the new elements, which our gymnasts have added to their exercise and how consistent they are”.

A great effort from a group of Romania's comeback kids, bubble girls and newbies.  Well done!
I will hunt out vids and pics later.


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