Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Prosport have addressed the Nicolae Forminte CV that was placed on Gymmedia this week.  It seems Nicolae has finally, formally split with the team and Belu and Bitang, under amicable circumstances, and is looking for options elsewhere.  So folks, it truly is over.

Now, the exciting question, where will he end up!?!

Sandra's Back!!!!

Also, IG has reported that Sandra Izbasa is ready to compete at the Romania vs. Great Britain meet which is happening between August 12-14.  It will be just fabulous to see how Izbasa has recovered, and to see where her future in the sport lies.  I hope she has a year or more left in her.  She will be doing vault, beam and floor.  Welcome back, Sandra!



  1. I hope he comes to Spain!
    We need good coaches and he could make a great job here.

  2. Japan would be smart to go after him, the Japanese woman are getting stronger but vault definitely needs help. The UK would also benefit especially so close to London, they need to make a good showing in the team final to capture more $ and support post-Olympics.

  3. urgh, I was gonna go to the ROMvGBR thing as well, I didn't think it would be worth it. =[
    oh well, good luck sandra!

  4. Forminte not helped at all Romanian team at vault..I dont get why some peoples believe he could be a solution for vault.He did not proved to be a good coach on that apparatus,not able to train and help a gymnast to medal on that apparatus in any competition.Dont mention Simona Amanar,please..she dont worked with Forminte only! Belu was there too and the "amanar" vault was trained with Belu not with Forminte as many of you believe.