Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes, it's hard going to Marta's boot camps, but it is even worse trying to train for the World Championships in India right now...The three day training camp to select gymnast for the Worlds teams has had to be called off because the infrastructure and equipment is in such dire straits.

As reported in the Hindustan Times on Aug 23, the gymnasts, who were in Capital, had refused to practice at the venue citing dangerous conditions — including a leaky roof — prevailing inside the stadium, inaugurated on April 10.
Artistic gymnastics coach, Vladimir Chatko, confirmed the departure. “The equipment here is too dangerous for the players. It’s better to go back and practice (in Pune) than be here and risk injuries,” said Chatko.

Apparently there are not even enough mats to train with.  This is, of course, the perfect time to get their pleas for help heard, when India is spending gazillions on hosting a Commonwealth Games while their own sports team don't even have equipment to train on.  The press will make a lunch out of that.  Read the rest of the article HERE.


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