Thursday, August 5, 2010


Here are some random bits of gymnastics news coming from the Gymosphere. I don't usually do these compendium posts, but there has been a lot of rumblings, and some are tidbits perhaps not worthy of a full post.  So, let's get down to it.

Jade Barbosa- Back again!

The Brazilian Championships are coming our way.  Apparently Jade Barbosa has some marvellous upgrades, including the fact that she is training a Cheng and a DTY.  She also has a new floor routine with a Dos Santos and does a Ray on bars.  Bruna Leal won't be competing for injury, but apparently Danielle Hypolito is looking awesome, has some great tumbling and will be there. Dos Santos is, of course, out (Thanks JPSimoes at IG Forum).

Once again, some junior gymnasts at Romania have been invited to train with the seniors for some time at Izvorani.  This is temporary, but will become permanent if they adjust well (Thanks Jerry Lynch at IG Forum!).
Diana Rusu
Tatiana Gaemparoiu
Beatrice Margarit
Larisa Iordache
Diana Bulimar
Ana Maria Baicu

Remember the last time some babies came to Deva?

An article in Prosport addressed Sandra Izbasa, and the comp in Great Britain, saying that she has recovered her difficulty, and has sufficient repetitions, but they will test for certain just a few days before the competition.  It seems most of the girls are ready to compete, because Prosport lists the girls who will be selected from to make the team;

Sandra Izbasa                           Ana Porgras
Diana Chelaru                           Gabriele Dragoi
Ceresela Patrascu                     Diana Trenca
Dana Andrei                              Raluca Haidu
Amelia Racea

Chelsea with Chris and Kim

Gymnastike's latest Workout Wednesday video features a workout with Texas Dreams gymnasts.  Watch Kim Zmeskal in coaching action.  I am glad they showed this.  There might be a bit more appreciation of TD's place in gymnastics.

I remember when Gymnastike first featured Texas Dreams, I was so impressed by the attitudes and philosophies of Zmeskal and Burdette.  And I thought Chelsea Davis fabulously mature and insightful, and the relationship to her coaches warm, yet serious.
There seems to have been a little downturn in opinion towards TD- but methinks it is simply due to the fact that they are not WOGA.  But hell, people, it's Texas! Home of US Gymnastics!  The Gymmigrant State! That's like saying Kolesnikova was crap because she wasn't Omeliantchik or Shushunova in 1985.  The logic doesn't work.
Anyway, go watch the video- it's fabulously entertaining, as I find all workouts to be.  It's weird, isn't it.  it should be dull, but it's not at all....?
It includes Visa Qualifiers Chelsea Davis, Kennedy Baker, Dare Maxwell, Kiana Winston and more....
And yeah, hugs all round at the end. Come on, that's pretty nice....

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

In other semi-boring news, St Louis is hosting the 2012 Visa Championships.  Lucky for people in St Louis I guess!

In British news, Danusia Francis says she is adamant she will make the Commonwealth Games Team this year, despite withdrawing from Euros at the last minute.
I am back training again, so fingers crossed I will stay injury-free. I don't usually tend to set myself targets before an event, it is just nice to be able to compete and represent my country
Francis had a pelvic fracture, but it is all feeling good for her now.  We wish her luck.  read the whole article HERE

I would usually send this kind of news to Mez at The Australian Gymnastics Blog, but she is away at the moment hopefully having some fun. So;

Photo: Ararat Advertiser

It seems there has been a spark of brilliance in the younger levels of competitive gymnastics in country Victoria.  Team Ararat has had some great results lately, beating out gymnasts while competing at MLC and Waverley, two of our top gyms- both of whom have trained Olympians and International Elites.(it turns out, they are competing at a level that MLC and Waverley don't work at- so that's why they are probably winning there) Still, they are doing great for a regional gymnastics team!  I hope these little ones age well.  Read about them HERE

Okay, I am done...... for now.



  1. Whilst I don't want to rain on their parade, it might be worth noting that these kids are in the Prep division (Old C division).
    Neither Waverley nor MLC have gymnasts at this level making them a little hard to beat I would have thought.

    Good luck to them at State Pennant tho

  2. Ahy, so they just host these comps, presumably because they compete the other levels? Well, well, that'd be why then!

  3. excuse my noobiness, but in the Texas Dreams video, what are the black boot type things that some of the girls were wearing on bars? I never got very far in my gymnastics career so I was never training like these girls

  4. FYI level 1-3 are across three divisions.
    Prep division (eg Prep1 or previously known as 1C) - usually kids that go to state stream
    True level (eg NDP1 or previously known as 1B)- these kids usually go to national stream
    International division (eg IDP1 or previously known as 1A) - these kids usually go to international stream.

    Having said this, kids jump across streams regularly.

    Usually when a club holds a competition, it is not only in the division in which they have gymnasts. So a club which only does Prep division may hold a comp for all 1-3 in much the same way that MLC, waverley and HPC hold 1-3 comps for all division even though they do not compete them.

    The only real difference is the IDP kids. There is a different evel of judge required for IDP so many clubs don't offer this section.

    Hope this makes sense.

  5. the "black boots" are to protect their heels from hitting the bar and causing injury.

  6. You forgot Amelia Racea and Raluca Haidu in that list. These 9 gymnasts are all the seniors that Romania has now.

    Can't wait to see Jade Barbosa!

  7. Just read on the Australian Gym Blog that the gymnastics program at the ais has closed down. Does anyone know if that's true and does it apply to both the mens and womens gymnastics programs?

  8. Nica Hults was in that TD video!