Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A proud moment

Now I know some of you long-time Couch Gymnast readers this has been discussed before, but for some of you, this might be quite new.  And it is like World War Two- it is one of those events we need to go back to time and time again in our collective memories.  If for anything, just to ensure such atrocities never occur again.....This is one time where history cannot, should not, repeat itself....

Remember when it was okay that Oksana Chusovitina did floor exercise?  When it didn't hurt the eyes?  Okay, in 1991 her leotards probably hurt the eyes- her own eyes more than anyone, but still.
This routine really wasn't bad.  The Russians were still making nice movers out of non-dancers, she had some amazing landings, and seemed to just casually leaned backwards into her effortless double layout.  One does have to ask, however, if it is so easy to chuck a skill like that, why it was so dang hard for her to keep her legs together (tee!) while doing it....!  We'll blame the neon glare, shall we?
It's not even fair to put these leo into the World's Worst leotard Contest.  They'd win hands down.


But, remember when it really really really WASN'T okay that Oksana Chuovitina did bars?
My all time favorite Oksana Chusovitina performance, aptly entitled by it uploader, "Oksana Chusovitina on Drugs"
Why did they make her dance like a man?  A gay man in the eighties at that?  Why was she wearing that?  Why was.... oh for the love of god, just WHY???!!!!
I know it's hard peeps, but you have to watch it til the end- believe it or not, it gets worse!!



Do you think her husband has seen this?  Will Alisher ever be able to look her in the eye if he sees it?  "Mummy, why are you dancing like one of The Village People?"



  1. i have to disagree regarding the 80s/early 90s soviet leotards. i think they're kind of awesome and very reminiscent of the time. there have been and continue to be far worse. as for the sad exhibition performance video, i agree with your commentary wholeheartedly!

  2. I don't like Chuso's one there, but yes, I often love eighties/nineties leotards. People often send me pics of ugly one's and I am like, "what? I loooove it!"

  3. leo wasn't as bad as her hair from around 1993 - remember the home bleach job?

    ~ Simone

  4. Oh my gosh...what the heck was THAT???? I am so embarrassed for her. And was that her coach with her? And just for the record, I think she might be a gay man.

  5. that was amazing! thank you for making my day!!!

  6. hahahahahahahaha, I am cringing

  7. she is just crazy, that woman. awesome, but crazy.