Thursday, August 12, 2010


Anne gets a question in with Marta (was Anne quaking in her boots?  I wonder!).  Nice to see Marta reference Mohini Bhardwaj, and what her college experience brought to her elite career. 
I like how UCLA dropped the Cheng bomb on Marta too.  I wonder, even if she was pleased with seeing it, how she felt about not knowing Zam was doing it.  Marta knows everything- that is her power!
She gets right to the point, though, with the question- can Vanessa raise her start values?  Yes, I think so.  But before Rotterdam?  That's a tough ask, isn't it?
(Also, I am pretty sure she forgot Vanessa's name in the last little bit!!!  "Now you on National Team, You no longer haff name.  You are a vault!" )

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And Zam said she could do a double, but won't be doing it this weekend.  This is excellent news for her Worlds chances!!

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