Monday, August 16, 2010


To celebrate another comeback kid, Hannah Whelan's return to the top of the sport by winning the AA at her National Championship a few weeks back and this weekend's meet against Romania, I thought I'd take us back in time. 

Remember when Hannah was the baby of the Great Britain team in 2008? 

I remember that I never expected to see her on that team- but there she was this newbie little gymnast.  And although GBR didn't make team finals that year, little Hannah Whelan went out there and performed on three events in the qualifications, including floor, where she competed a floor routine that, although not as difficult as those of her team mates Tweddle or Cairns, still proved that at such a young age, she had the nouse to do what she could do beautifully on a world stage.  Let's not forget, it was her first major international too.


And, because she was a baby, we will forgive her the 'Baby Romania' choreography, and we'll even try and look past the funky chicken in the corner!!

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