Sunday, August 8, 2010



Sometimes, it seems, keeping an eye on the juniors coming up the ranks can be just as fun as watching the current competitors in action!  In fact, I don't know how many times I have seen gym fans comment that "this next 'insert major meet here' will be dull, but think of next year, or the year after, when so-and-so is old enough to compete!" 

Well, we have quite the wait until Veronica 'Nica' Hults is ready to grace the major meets as a junior international, but that hasn't stopped US gym fans falling for her lovely gymnastics.  You know a gymnast is hotly anticipated when she is only 11 years old and there are already montages made about her career!!

Nica trained at All-Olympia until recently, and has that pristine, polished quality that many AOGC girls have.  Her beam mount sequence, her floor dance, and her hand positions just scream AOGC choreography and her execution is beautiful!
Recently, however, the Hults family relocated to Texas, where Nica is training at Texas Dreams with the Burdettes.  TD appears to foster a really warm, but competitive environment for its young gymnasts, which is perfect for an athlete Nica's age.  And with that initial training in form and execution from AOGC, and the expertise Chris and Kim could bring, she is certainly one to watch.  She adds that quality to her gymnastics few gymnasts so young possess.
Here is a video of Nica competing in Level 9 at the Region 1 Championships, where she won the all-around competition.  Her family have a Youtube account, where you can watch her other competitions as well.




  1. I swear I saw videos from this girl at level 1, nice to see she's doing so well

  2. She reminds me a lot of Ivana Hong.