Saturday, August 14, 2010


Got on just in time to see Chelsea Davis fall off bars.  Sad.

Particularly as she stuck the landing.

Brossy-  She was lucky she pulled that first tub\mble around.  She looks off.  I can't believe her wonky  last pass was her best!  God, they have caught onto the no-smiling thing and they are running with it- that's for sure!

I wonder what I have missed!  Hum.

All of a sudden my home computer didn't want to do the internet, so then I had to haul off to the library, where it wouldn't let me install the thingy I needed, and now I am in an internet cafe!  The things I will do for gym!!

Briley Casanova on floor-  Dance pose.  Dance pose.  WOGA only has one style of music, don't they? She twists well, but doesn't hit her splits.

Time for the third rotation.  Can I just say once again, how utterly hilarious I find Bridget Sloans tough girl game face?  I don't buy it for a second.  When she pull it, I just wanna go, "Bwahahahahahahaaaaa!" because she looks like a kid. No matter how much she tries to be an Alicia, she just looks like a nice kid trying to be the mature, ballsy one.  Oh well, it's her thing and I should l leave her to her ipod and yesterday's hair.

I really, really wish I knew what happened in the first two rotations.

They are busy making excuses for Sloan.  Not to say they aren't wrong, but wouldn't it be nice if someone played bad cop!

They are having more breaks than actual gymnastics right now.  It soooo annoying!  The music is quite irritating during the breaks.  Yesterdays the first day's repetitive ads were better.

And you know what else?  I think it is seriously time I learned to touch type!  This whole thing would be a lot easier!!
Bridget Sloan- beam- she better nail it!  Missed her connection and looks tight.  Punch- she might as well have fallen.  Poor Bridge- she ain't looking good.

Asac- Another great vault- even though she was low.  She didn't get as much push as usual, and yet still looked great.  Vault 2- DTY- Her usual giant step back, but hot when airborne.  What is it with Leesh- she can never land a vault!!

Brossy- her landing was hilarious- so close, then she stumbled. Her air form was pretty gross too.

Zam!!!-  Another great leo, but she kneeled the vault.  Sad, because it looked so amazing until she landed.  You could tell she was nervous.  What a pity.  It won't stop Marta appreciating it after yesterday though, so i don't think we can write her off just yet.

Kytra-  Great mount, but kinda ugly beam, which is a pity, because they have tried to put in some elegant and flexibility moves, but unfortunately, she didn't look too elegant doing them!

The girls "Paint their nails" and have "Spa days"  at camp. You wish it were you, Dagget!

Raisman-  Vault-  Great vault.  It is nice to see her doing something really, really well!  Bad feet in the air.  How come they notice Bross's messy legs but not Ali's.

Larson- Bars- yay, I do love her bars- A few missed handstands, but she did look pretty good.  Was night1 better, or is it just me?

Matties little air punches- hilarious!!  She is better at tough girl than Sloan!!

Mack- with chalk on her face!!  Cute.  Ew, spit on hands.  I will never cease to be grossed out by it, though I would probably do it myself.  Fall.  Dang.  Guess what Tim said?  Yes, "a diss\aster' because Tim never used that thesaurus I lent him.
It was not fun to watch her screw up that great routine- but we all know, it won't count her out, either.

So, Brossy is up on bars- she is going to have to basically flip the bars the bird, chuck thew judges some bagels and go clubbing instead to lose this crown.  But it's Brossy, so it isn't over til our little knock kneed uber-gymnast gets a hug from Valeri- but I reckon if there is any apparatus more certain for Brossy- it's bars.

I am also glad Zam is ending on bars, as she can finish off well.

Yay, Sami Shapiro is in 7th!   Oh come on Alicia- pop Andrea in the nose!  We know you can do it!!!

I like the silent hug between Bridget and Caquatto- mutual commiseration right there.

Oh god make this horrible looped music stop!  And the volume button on this internet cafe computer is broken and I can't turn it down.  Yr killing me, Universal Sports, yr killing me.
Ooh, I just had a flashback to last years Nats, where my favorite bit was watching  Ivana Hong walk past Al Fong.  That was fun.  Can you believe it has been nearly a year?  I have been writing this blog for a while now.  I wonder if I will last a whole quad.  Oh crap, it's saying there is a video problem- I am going to miss the end!  Crap!!
I missed Bross!  Crap!  But she looks happy, so i am going to say she kicked it in!  Replay-  oooh stick!!  Good girl!!

Valeri's smile was priceless.  Tough score- 14.900.

Kytra Hunter on floor- good, I missed it yesterday- or forgot it...
Oh, my video is wigging, but that first tumble- awesome but messy as all get out.  Her floor ex chorey makes me want to cry.  She looks like a pony on LSD. Someone help her. I never,ever want to see it again in my life.  Ever.

Aly- crap, does that means we missed Zam?- Yes, I can see Zam in fourth- she's done bars.  Boo.  Hopefully Gymnastike will getit.

Aly- has improved on bars,but still.  Can she point her toes, please- not much to ask, really....

Mattie on beam-  She looks confiedent which is great.  I'm really sincerely, so pleased for Mattie- except for her ring jump!!!  Near fall.  I gasped loud- in public!!  Bad landing, bit it should keep her in second.

The fists again- funny!!

The bars judges are doing their jobs, aren't they?

Macko- beam-  Nice to see our scaredy cat make a connection- better than some today.  I love Wu Jiani's stop and watch method.  Smart.    Macko is doing a good job.  Solid.  I like that chest turn.  Dodgy landing, but great attempt at her nervous event.

 Shut up about destiny!!  That kinda smack talk makes me sick!! 

Macko's high ten with Chelsea Davis was great.  I am glad she got to leave the meet feeling good about

Okay, let's brace ourselves for some Brossy cliches, and Nastia comeback blah!!  I am staying with the

Oh thank gawd, Nastia looks better tonight.  She should always have straight hair.  And the jacket is good.  Less grimace, more serious girl reporter.

Oops. I forgot to listen to Bross, until she cracked up at her own crap. I am sure I can tell you what she said anyway, but I don't want to bore you.
I love that she laughed at her answers again.  That's why I will always love Bross- because she calls on her own crap.  Oh poor Bridget, she has to talk to Andrea- now that's just mean.  More loopy music!  Ouch.

Bridget knows how to spin it.. that's for sure.  I wonif she will go to Worlds?  I really don't know

Oh my goodness, are they really going to do a proper political fluff piece?  Are they really showing footage of the invasion of Afghanistan.  I do not believe it!

Oh the leotards back then brought joy to my heart!!  Hartford is Moscow?  Did anyone buy that this meet in any way replaced Moscow?  I think not.  Oh, the 80 girls are still so short!!  I am not sure why I find that surprising, but I do!

Isn't that an event podium? Okay, it's over- I am going home where I can write where it is warm!!  No post-meet pap today!!  Bye!


  1. VamZam still manages to get second behind Alicia on vault! Hope they both make the world team!

  2. I am a pretty big Macko fan and I was so disapointed to see her fall on bars! She has a beautiful bar routine and she would have been in SUCH good shape for the rest of the competition.

    Her coaches do have a GREAT method for her beam though! And it seems to have really helped her! Her beam looked really good tonight, especially conisdering her fall!

    I really hope to see her make the World team!(especially of Hunter! )

  3. YES, they showed the bars podium instead of all-around, and Tim was like "and there are your 2010 all around champions" bahahaha. My fave from the broadcast was when they're talking about how sad it was for the 1980 team and Elfi is like "oh yes I was on the 1980 team in Canada" and no one responded. They just moved on to talk about something else. HA.