Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Nicolae Forminte
Ooooh, I love the 'where will Nicolae Forminte go?' question already!

Someone in the comments to last night's post mentioned the Japanese would be smart to take him, to improve vault and strength.  That is very true.  Imagine how dominant they could get if they improved in that measure?  They could be vying for team medals in years!

Another suggestion, of course, has been, Great Britain.  GB is  another nation that could use another boost to get them up there.  They are already coming on strong.  They do, however, already have a very strong reputation for floor and vault.  If anything, I reckon they need much more work on beam, than anywhere.  Wouldn't it be weird, though, if, considering their recent defeat of Romania, if it was the insertion of Forminte that kept them up there!?!  But then, I am still not entirely sure that the loss of Forminte and gain of Belu and Bitang are of equal weight, as much as I liked Forminte.

Another idea was Spain.  I can see that too.  Remember when Spain had that flash of brilliance at the turn of the century (oh gosh, how I love to say 'turn of the century'- so Victorian!)?  They looked so promising for a while.  And if I remember correctly, they seemed naturally strongest on the leg events, so a boost there again would help.

Other thoughts I had were Central and South America.  He could go back in and perhaps pick up a little bit of the mess left by Ostapenko in Brazil. There are still so many strong gymnasts there. Mexico could use him, for sure, though they really need beam and chorey help more than anything. Their gymnasts have shown so much potential over the last five or six years. Or maybe Colombia or Venezuela?

France would be another thought.  They are another 'bubble' team, that could do with some extra strength. 

Aaah, the possibilities are endless, and, as ever, the conjecture probably far more fun than the actual outcome!!



  1. Let the U.S. have him. He can take over Martha Karolyi's position as National Team Coordinator.

  2. You had a nice idea about Forminte training in Spain, we need upgrade in gymnastics NOW

    Unluckily Spanish federation isn't smart enough ¬¬

  3. Maybe he could destroy russian mafia in Canada

  4. He can't destroy enithing =)) maybe some gymnasts .Would you like something like this for Canada ? You have enough great romanian coach in Canada .Forminte is just a mediocre one !