Thursday, August 12, 2010


Oh my lawd- Universal sports work from here!  I am watching Nats!  Heaven!!!!

Brossy on beam!  Uh- Oh!  I love how jumpy she is before a routine!  She is just like a race horse, champing at the bit to get out of the gates.  A perfect metaphor for her!  She looks gooood!  Nothing wrong with an over-rotated dismount.

Oh, Sacramone- i am always going to be scared!  Nailed mount!  Phew! I wonder whta she would say if Marta was like, "you can be on Worlds Team, but you must take out beam mount!'  Would she do it?  Methinks yup!  Steppy dismount, but she looked effing awesome up there.  Really confident!

Kytra Hunter.  Vault. I love her vaults.  They are floaty.  She gets drift time after her push from the horse.  She could sneak in.

Ad break.  Lawd Elfi bugs me.  She just has to hash over the potential disasters all the time with athletes like Bross and Sacramone.  Sure, they can be inconsistent, but the hashing over it while they are actually up there doing a great routine is irritating.  I guess she just doesn't know what else to talk about.

And we're back.. "Moments ago..." Gosh, couldn't you just recite commentator speak?

Mattie Larson....  Floor.  Oooh her Dad makes her music.  Cute!  Her DLO is truly hotness itself.  Ditto her triple!  I, however, don't super love the chorey.  But she presents  beautifully.  Her turn!!!  Her landings!  Get Mattie on this team!  Bit short on dble pike, but WHATEVER!  It was solid.  I won't go as far as PASSIONATE!! DYNAMIC!  BLAH!  Were they really watching that chorey.  Elfi and co, need to go and watch some non US chorey.  Seriously.

Ali R- Hope she has a better day.  Messy legs!  I really hate that I thought "she looks a bit tentative" just as Dagget said it.  Ew.    She needs to work on legs and leaps...legs and leaps...legs and leaps..... 
Aaw, she talks to herself!  Cute!

Oooh I hate Nastia's hair, make up, purple Grimace outfit!

Briley Casanova.  Baby face!  Nice leg up 11/2!  Leaps like Raisman!  She fell. She was okay.  Neat dismount.  Not much shine, though and some iffy leaps.  She looks like college to me...

I love V-zam's leo!  Pretty!  She needs to do a leg-up turn.  And she's off!  Damn! Too nervous!  She still looks better than most other gymnasts.  Corker of a stuck landing!  Crap. 

Brossy is in the lead. She is thwacking the others! Der.  Brossy makes a funny face.  She really is a comic lass.  You just have to see her away from media.
My media spies at Nats will fill us in on her funnies and others in the next TCG Mag!

I actually really hope Brossy becomes does well.  It's time.  The camera ADORES Alica, doesn't it.  Whenever there is no action, they just watch Alicia.
I like Bridgey Sloan in blue.  It looks better than the reds and pinks she ussually has to wear.  I HATE lime green, but I can live with it in this context. Ew, internal bleeding and you don't know what it's from? That's not okay.  Neither is blood on the beam!
 Scratching is sooooo dumb, but funny.

Sophie Lee!  Nice to see her.  She is a sweet looking girl, isn't she?  A total WOGA worker, though, pose, jump, pose, tumble, pose, turn, pose pose, pose- you get my drift.  She lands so heavily.  Good tumbler though.

Mattie again- vault- Gorgeous vault- a tiny pike down and unstuck landing.  But hell, she is so great at the mo.  I may well crack it if Marta doesn't put her on the team.  Nice leo too.  Very in this year, grey pink and white. 

Ali R- floor-  I truly admire her for being able to land her secon pass almost where she took off from- a testamnet to how high she goes.  It amazes me that she only does a double back as a third.  But them her first two are probably enough!  Not bad, but not pretty either.

Kytra-  on bars- we know nthe score- dynamic, but not pretty!

Why is Nastia's face blotchy?  Why does she wear a top she has to adjust ALL the time!
Ad break, I love John Orozco.  He is so darn cute with his little baby face!

And we're back!

Va-Zam on floor.  She is in 16th.  But vault should help.  Gosh, I love her leo!  Hot DLO!  I love how they think her dance is amazing, and she is actually the weakest dancer of the Bruin line up!  Still, cute and awkward works.

Brossy- can she not screw ti up, that's what the commentators wanna know?  Go Brossy!  Okay, I know this is weird to say, but this chorey suits her better when she is wearing pink or red!  I wish a talented dancer would use this music, cos it is actually a fabulous piece of music.  Awful turn. That looked outta bounds to me, but whatever.  She always goes so askew on that last run.  She is not allowed to win worlds with a floor performance like that.  I will be cross, anyway. Actually, that wasn't out .

Oh lawd, Alyssa Beckerman singing.  I like Tasha's purple and grey combo- even though I hate purple.  She needs to go talk to Nastia- for serious.

Mattie is in 2nd and Chelsea Davis, whom we have not even seen, is in third.  Yay!
Oh I hate Nastia's top!  The main problem- she looks like a woman, but she still sounds like a kid!    Surprise, surprise, Nastia won't say what Marta is saying!

Ali vaults.  It should be good- and was pretty goodlookin'! 
Val Kondos looks great in black- better than in white.  I know it's for the chalkfactor in NCAA, but black suits her diva-ness!

Chelsea Davis!  Yay!  Kim look nserious face- but nervous flicky eyes.  Go Chels!  She looks calm-ish. Nice punch front.  Tight! Nice save on the messy side somi, but I really like her calm approach.  I love Chelsea's awkward smile.  it's cute and hasn't changed since she was a baby.

Mattie bars.  I really like her on bars.  Great routine!  Nice to see her looks so pleased with herself.

Brossy- vault- Scary face!  Fought for stick, but it was a flattish landing.  Good though.  I mean, hell- she just hit 4-for-4.  You gotta admire that! A 15.00- same as Mattie.

ASac!!  She talks to herself too!  Great vault.  Are you surprised!?!  She has the same tat behind her ear as a friend of mine.  Another goodie!  Love the hand slap with Bela- and the Ali hug.  Nice friendship.

Oooh, will we see VaZam?  I freaking hope so!  I am busting for the bathroom, but I can't leave!!

Kim wiping false sweat from brow at Bela- funny!

Nastia and Valeri chatting more than they ever did!

Bridget's up!  Beam.  Der.  Again, nice leo for her. Great neckline.   I hate that mount because it requires you to flex yr feet.  Point yr toes, lady!!! She's off.  Outta line on her tumble series.  She don't look great.  Oh, now she gets better.  Good last third, but I really, really, don't like her on beam.

Crap!  We did not see VaZam!  Crap!!!!!!!!!  That makes me mad!  Oh, bloody hell, are we watching the 2000 US team again?  Again.  Tasha looked good.  Was that Jamie Dantszcher (I can never spell her name) in the jeans?  She looked awesome!

Yay, Chelsea came 4th!!  Great! 
I love how Brossy sounds she is reciting her lines to the tune off "stop asking me questions!!!".  Count the cliches people!   She is still cute, though.

Crap, apparently, Vazam stuck both her vaults- including the Cheng!  I hate you people!!!!

Heeeere's Alicia!!  No vomit feelings- that's good. Not as entertaining as usual, but still, media winner as usual.  She got lost in her cliches for a second- but pulled it out- a perfect candidate for commentator-ship later.

I am staying with the post-meet crap, but the ads are killing me.

Interview with Bross- Thank god for that other guy, because Nastia was a bit awkward at first.  She relaxed, though. .  Oh look- Bross is saying exactly what she said before.  Its actually better to have Nastia there- to give a bit of insight, saying that Brossy is serious in the gym but her laugh is loud and hilarious.  I can imagine the quiet in the gym when they train!  I love how as the interview wore on, when Bross finished her answer/recitation, even she almost smiles at her own obviously boring answers!!

Oooh, goody Alica is coming on!

Alicia clearly thinks its hilarious that Nastia is interviewing her.  That guy is one of the better gym interviewers i have ever seen.  A. I miss you.  Cute! Nastia is not coming back.  You can see it in her eyes.  I love how they have the total negative things to say about sharing a room, but still want to.  Im like how Alicia says 'the body' like its the third person.  She should start calling it 'the Alicia body'! 

Mattie up next!  Wish they's interview Vazam...I mean, she is funny and would play off this guy well- and she wins the Couchy's all time fashion prize for wearing my two favorite UCLA leos and two of my all-time favorites period. 

Okay, Mattie.  Surprising, she loved both the Dominiques.  At least she didn't say Nastia.  They all say Nastia.    I forgive her, she was little.  She taught herself to do aerials off the couch.  Awesome!!  Mattie is a cool little character- I hope she makes Worlds- but I also really look forward to her Bruin career.

Oh dear- it's Bela!!  He seems pretty happy with it all.  I like that he doesn't greet Asac's vaults with as much hyperbole, but sees the potential.  I am so glad he gave Chelsea Davis some deserved kudos, and Kytra Hunter.  For him, it's not just about gymnastics celebrity, but about gymnastics.

I'm out.


  1. I cringe whenever Nastia is about to speak on national television.

  2. It's a shame they didn't show VaZam as Blythe said she stuck a Cheng and FTY.

  3. I hate that top too. plus if you got curves flaunt them lady... It drives me nuts because it is definitely hiding things. And while I understand why she would do that but curves are not a bad thing

  4. Nastia Liukin didn't look good. That purple top was horrible. What was she thinking?

    I like the shorter hair on Bross. I just wish she didn't use so much product. Ditto Sloan. I don't actually mind the rat's nest bun, but I do mind the fact that her hair looks unclean. Remember, less product is more, Bridget.

    I would have loved to see Zamarripa's vaults. Shame on you, Universal!

  5. Lots of "she's" during the interview, talking about Bross as if she wasn't even there.

  6. There is video of the Cheng from Zam on gymnastike....

  7. i'm so glad to hear someone else is not enamored of mattie's "dancing" on floor. i love the girl's lines and gymnastics, but the routine is not spectacular. plus she hits every pose too hard i feel. also bummed about zam's lack of an appearance. i want to see her bars and vault, people!

  8. Is there some trick to Universal Sports? Nine out of ten times the videos won't work and then randomly one will.. :/
    Love love love your blog!

  9. Who's music is in the background during Bross' routine?