Saturday, August 7, 2010


Danielle and Diego Hypolito have won their respective AA competitions at the Brazil Nationals, proof that age is no obstacle these days!

Danielle won (55.100), followed by Bruna Leal, who I had actually thought was injured, and then Jade Barbosa in third place.  I m glad to see Leal still in the game, she is a pretty floor worker from what I remember of her World Cup competitions of last year or the year before.
The AA was also counted as the event finals, so Danielle won bars and floor, while  Barbosa won vault (14.650) and Priscilla Cobello won beam (14.100).  This is Jade Barbosa's third competition back after that long injury time.  Next up for the Brazilians is the Pan-Am Games.

Here is a video of Jade's vault on the first day.  She is looking great on vault all over again. She should be in event finals at Worlds if she keeps it up.

Vault 1


Vault 2

Here is Priscilla Cobello's beam


All up it looks like Brazil is gathering strength again to become a formidable opponent in the team finals of upcoming competitions.  That is wonderful to see after all the DRAMA during and post-Ostapenko.
It is also awesome to see  yet another older gymnast getting stronger and still winning titles.  Looks like the liposuction helped, eh?


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  1. good to see jade back :D but you claimed both daniele and jade won vault, did you mean daniele won bars?