Sunday, August 22, 2010


Tan Sixin, or rather her coach, He Hua, seems to have a bee in her bonnet about the results of UB finals.  I did not see them, so I am not quite sure what went on.  She seems to be somewhat miffed about Komova's CV score and the mat-hitting.  The translation, provided by the Youtube user XLHDH seems to say so anyway;

Coach He Hua: I am not familiar with how the judges work. Sixin is not perfect and we should improve it. I am not questioning Sixin's score, but I have a little query on the Russian gymnast's. I can't say that the judges are wrong. But personally I think there are problems. As for the CV part, her D score was 6.5 in previous sessions, at least the Difficulty is not right. Because CV should not be awarded for a failed element. But her CV was awarded. She also has two mistakes which worth 0.5 deduction, you know, the handstands. And putting her feet on the mat obviously should be deducted a full point. I've no idea. We had problems and mistakes, but I really feel sorry for the jury's decision.
 On the other hand, Tan Sixin told the press that she thought her performance was good (Thanks).  What a cutie!  Anyway, here's the video that doth protest.... too much?  I don't know.  I am yet to see the UB EFs and probably wouldn't get it anyway!!!




  1. The videos are on youtube, so you should be able to see them and see what you think...

  2. Tan Sixin didn't say she thought the routine (whose? hers? Komova's?) was perfect. She said she thought she (by which I assume she means herself rather than Komova) did a 'very good' routine.

  3. You can also watch them here on the singapore webcasting page -

    You'll have to scroll down to find the UB final as it was a few days ago.

    In my opinion Komova was overmarked given the size of the mistake and tan sexin was undermarked on execution.

    Very happy Tan managed to get herself a handfull of gold on day 2. I do have some pics and results on

  4. I wouldn't say Tan was undermarked. She has a myriad of mistakes in the routine - and mostly on basic skills. Those toe shoots are awful.

    An 8.025 in execution seems fair for Komova even with her hitting the mat - she was scoring around a 9 all week.