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Patrascu  (Photo:
Okay, so I am a bit behind.  I have not even gotten around to reporting the EF results of the GBR vs ROM meet this weekend, which is awful slack of me.  So, here goes;


1. Imogen Cairns 13.938
2. Jennifer Pinches 13.938
3. Raluca Haidu 13.638
1. Becky Downie 14.175
2. Danusia Francis 14.100
3. Daniela Andrei 13.600
1. Cerasela Patrascu 14.175
2. Danusia Francis 14.100
3. Diana Trenca 14.200
1. Imogen Cairns 13.975
2. Daniela Andrei 13.925
3. Diana Trenca 13.875

Hannah Whelan, the AA winner did not compete in EFs.  I am unsure why.

Danusia Francis has done a great job proving she is well and truly back from her injury.  The same can be said of Cerasela Patrascu, albeit her comeback has been very long and very, very hard in comparison.  Placing first on beam is a great sign for her- especially as she might prove a valuable member of a Worlds squad because of her bars set on a weak team.  Imogen Cairns proved her strong reputation for floor and vault will still be of great use and Beckie Downie continues to put together a strong bars set. 
I wonder what happened to Raluca Haidu on beam, as she is certainly capable of scoring well. She was only granted a 5.1 start value in the team comp, so either she is watering down after injury, or missed a bunch of stuff. 
For those wondering about Gabi Dragoi's performance, from what I can see, she only competed bars finals and scored a 13.325 with a 5.7 difficulty value.  It will be interesting to see who they send out of Patrascu and Dragoi because of the bars issue.  Dragoi has one tenth in difficulty over Patrascu, but Ceresela had about seven tenths of a point in execution over Dragoi in the team finals while Dragoi had more than a point over her in EFs.  It may be a bit of a race!!- though Cerasela might have the edge as she has also has proved she might be able to compete beam if needed and Haidu isn't looking to steady. 

Among these gymnasts, the excellent performer of the meet is a girl some of you may not be most familiar.  This is Dana Andrei, who has taken home four medals from this competition, proving she is a strong all-arounder and can shine on events too.  She was only pipped at the post by Hannah Whelan in the AA but by 0.050 of a point. Dana has a good beam set, especially.  So I thought I would show you something of her competing earlier this year.  You can see the skills are there, but that she is very scrappy.  She nearly threw herself off the beam with one leap!  But with some maturity and polish, she will be a good performer for this Romanian team.



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