Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We all know by now, Corina Ungureanu has retired from her brief, and fascinating attempt at a comeback.  Bea over at Gymnastics No Ceiling has translated an interview with her.  Head over there to read it.  It seems she has taken up the safe option.....golf!

Why did you give up?

I could not continue physically, the pains were strong. I tried to protect my left ankle, which had problems and put pressure on the tendon of my right leg. I ignored the pain, but I panicked when I could barely walk or go down stairs

I sincerely admire her for even attempting it, and even if maybe it looked like she was attempting the impossible, I can't believe people bothered to criticise her.  What does it matter?  Even if she couldn't make it, she was setting an example and encouraging her team mates, as is obvious in her remarks about Tamirjan


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