Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have to say I am kind of glad to find out Viktoriya Komova is human!  The little bitty wunderkind can make a mistake!  Phew!  Otherwise we would have to write the history books of the next quad now!

In the wake of some mistakes on Komova's part, Tan Sixin stepped in to take gold on floor and balance beam.  Sixin's beam is quite delightful, especially ending her acro pass with a Korbut.  It give it that extra 'Chinese' flair.
I really quite like her new floor too.  The only bit that doesn't work for me is when she does the Memmel turn, which is a bit forced and foot-flexed and then transitions into that lyrical pose.  The juxtaposition of the two move is too harsh.  But that is more in the the execution than the chorey and can be addressed.  I do, however, love the end pose.  Her whole routine is 'pose-y' as she is clearly not a dancer- but Pop has given her gorgeous poses, so it works.

Here is a little highlights video of the top beam kids from YOG;


Poor old Diana Bulimar, who couldn't seem to cut a break this week was finally rewarded with a silver on floor for her effort- on her birthday too!  Diana is a vibrant and exciting little floor worker, so this was a good place for her to succeed.  Apparently she upgraded her tumbling again, after watering it for the qualifications and all-around (did they perhaps water it down more than they had to?) which helped put her back in the medals.
Here is her Floor exercise. It's not a great video, but if you didn't see it, it is better than nothing;


Carlotta Ferlito, another new favourite of mine, nailed that pretty little set for the silver on beam.

In other happy-making performances, little Australian Angela Donald (you be sure to remember me saying she is going to be 'Australia's next great beam worker', the other day, okay?) took the bronze with a gorgeous, if slightly iffy routine.  Congratulations, Angela!

And poor old Ana Sofia Gomez of Guatemala, who I have been trying to find out more about, finished up fourth in both event.  A results Anna Pavlova could sympathise with, for sure. Here is a video of her on beam, which I think is from AA, just to get to know her, if you haven't already.  You can see she is very acrobatically gifted, but needs to work on her form, which is a little sloppy.


Now the YOGs are over- for gymnastics anyway- and they went the was we expected until the final night, really.  A Komova sweep, followed by Tan. There were surprises, however. I had expected Bulimar to have a better show, and I didn't expect Ferlito to shine quite so much, so they were certainly nice surprises.  Gomez and Donald are two other very nice prospects for their respective nations too.  There is nothing like an opportunity to get excited about the juniors halfway through a quad!!


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