Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My first question about Chinese Nationals Training has to be.... why is it so damn windy?!

Is it a new tactic in the Chinese bid to dominate women's gymnastics?  If they can do there routines in sub-arctic winds or perhaps tropical cyclones, they can win anywhere?
That crazy flapping banner was distracting me from He Kexin swinging bars. It did not, however, distract me from that sad attempt at a dismount. Is she taller again? Or is it just her long swing?


Here's Jiang Yuyuan on floor. Does this music have funny vocals? I see Adriana is still giving her the crazy arms which she is so good at, but her tumbling is still looking laboured. (Huang  Quishuang has also been given crazy arms too)


Yang Yilin training bars. I simply looove her swing form. More than any other gymnast, I think. It is just beautiful.


Sui Lu's floor. Well Sui isn't really tumbling, but her dance through shows that she is still one of the more natural movers of the Chinese girls. This is very Russian kind of floor music isn't it? I wouldn't have picked it for her. It is interesting how Pop, though she works with many nations, has sort of stamped the Chinese with very particular shapes and poses. It probably works for their team effort, but it is hard to remember individual routines.


You can watch many more videos on Komova2012s Youtbe Channel
Can I just say that watching He Kexin on beam, is like watching Tweddle or Zamolodchikova on beam.  It should not be allowed and they know it!
My floor chorey winner is Wu Liufang- a little more understated, and she does it very well.  Kudos.



  1. At least part of Sui Lu's music is the same as Aliya Mustafina's new music. So I guess it is very Russian music!

  2. Well, the music is "Por una Cabeza" by Carlos Gardel from Argentina, but I guess the association with Mustafina makes it "russian" ;)