Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sometimes living in Australia is good, but when there is something major going on in the US gymnastics world, it's not.  So I go to sleep last night and wake up to the Press Release in my email about Kyla Ross leading Day 1 of the juniors.  And, of course, I am, like "What the...?"  Of course Kyla is terrific, but where in hell is Jordyn Wieber?  She doesn't have bad competitions, does she?  I was actually, this is gonna sound bad, kind of relieved to find out she was injured.  That made far more sense. 
Then I found out she fell of beam a bunch of times, and that was weird, then I heard about the ankles.  That made more sense.
What can I say?  Poor kid.

She has rotten timing, doesn't she?  She's healthy for the Minor Majors, as I like to call them- Pac Rims and Scam Cup, but never for the Nats.  It's sad.  I hope she has a quick recovery.

That said, congratulations to the talented Kyla Ross and Katelyn Ohashi for tying up first and second on day 1.
I assume Sabrina Vega had a bad, bad day?  Though she did come second on floor where she shines. That's something.




  1. Can we talk about Nastia's outfit choice for the pre-meet show?? Someone get that girl a stylist!

  2. she was looking like a basted butterball turkey. greasy, plump and browned.