Monday, August 30, 2010


Yes!  Finally I finished the latest issue of The Couch Gymnast Magazine.  This was the hardest yet, but might just be my favorite yet!
So, what's it got, you ask?

Well, firstly, I was lucky enough to send two great writers (and photographers) to the US Nationals this month, and boy, did they come back with the goods!

One of Vanessa Steck's awesome photos.

What I loved most about what Vanessa and Lauren's coverage is that they didn't just bring back the same old stories we always get from a gymnastics meet.  Who did what.  Who scored what.  Who just "went out there and did their best".  Because they are smart, funny people and observant gymnastics fans before they are journalists, they brought back the kinds of stories real gymnastics fans want to hear.

And only with their fresh eyes and lighthearted approach do we get to find out things like which WOGA-ettes think they could 'take' Valeri, or some interesting thoughts from coaches, or even to get some gymnasts to show a little meaningful insight into their sport and not just give a media trained speech about it.  Vanessa even got Rebecca Bross to laugh!

And they took some damn good photos too!

But that's not all folks!

Sadly, earlier this year, Romanian gymnast Anamaria Tamirjan announced her retirement from the sport, a fact that made many fans dissapointed.  Our Romanian writer, Beatrice, interviewed Anamaria this month to find out a little more about that injury-ridden, but wonderful career.

Amelia training at MLC

We have Ten Quick Questions with Amelia McGrath, Australian Junior National team member.  One look at Amelia's answers will show you that this gymnast possesses what every person in gymnastics needs- a darn good sense of humour!

Then we have the Vault Special!

We have an article about the history of that much-maligned and much-transformed apparatus.  We have an opinion piece that offers a radical idea on how to improve the event.  Finally, we have a hilarious and true story of a gymnast's youth of vaulting disasters!  AND this month's quiz is all about, you guessed it- The Vault!

We have an interview with an American coach, Ariel Edesses, who is living and working in a gymnastics centre in Ireland. She tells us a little more about the gymnastics situation in Ireland.

Omelianchik, 1987- by Norbert Smyk

Anticipating the upcoming World Championships, we have an article and a set of beautiful photographs reminiscing about the last time they were held in Rotterdam in 1987 called From Rotterdam to Rotterdam.

We have an opinion piece about floor music, and what it should be doing to make floor better.

And finally, we have a belated, but interesting wrap of the Covergirl Classics.

So enjoy!  I know we did.



  1. This is such a great issue! Thank you!

  2. thank you thank you! it looks great :) i am honored to be included.

  3. Thanks so much! I particularly enjoyed the interview with Tamarjan.

  4. My Gosh, couchy: this is amazing!