Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ksenia Afanasyeva and Yulia Inshina
  Here are the Russian Cup finals results via Gymnastics Results

I have just been told that the judges used some sort of a judging system that gives bonuses for originality and difficulty which explains the mammoth scores.  Uh huh.......serves me right for not reading IG this morning!

1Aliya MustafinaMoscow15.36716.93415.00014.97062.271
2Ksenia AfanasyevaKhimki/Tula15.00014.46714.54014.66758.674
3Ksenia SemyonovaKhimki/Tula14.23413.73414.20014.70056.868
4Yulia InshinaVoronezh13.80013.56714.04013.90055.307
5Anna PavlovaOrekhovo-Zuevo/Khimki14.73413.40014.20012.90055.234
6Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg14.20015.60012.24013.17055.210
7Daria YelizarovaTula13.30013.36713.94014.24054.847
8Anna DementyevaKhimki/Samara13.56713.30013.67013.90054.437
Aliya Mustafina proved that her somewhat lacklustre performances in Japan a while back may have just been a bit of competition exhaustion, returning to form (we hope) with a ridiculously high 62.271.
Ksenia Afanasyeva, this year's comeback queen recovered from her 5th place finish in qualifying to take second.  Afanasyeva was looking much sharper than Mustafina in Japan, but even with the stellar improvements she has made, there is no way she can catch Mustafina on bars, even with regular scoring by judges who wore their glasses on the day.  She is vaulting and flooring it very well, though.

Ksenia Semonova seems to be making a steadily good show and we may just see the two Ksenias at Worlds.  It looks, from the scores, as though she has returned a bit of that crazy energy back on on the floor, which will be welcome.

It is nice to see Yulia Inshina back after a prolonged foot injury in fourth place.  If you remember she travelled to Melbourne for Pac Rims, but was unable to perform in the end.

Nabieva looked like an iffy performance was saved by her bars score.  It certainly looks like beam got the better of her.

I have already said my goodbyes to Anna Pavlova.  have you?  It seems her sixth place finish at the Russian Cup this week was one of her final performance in elite gymnastics.  According to her mother this year will be her last.  She managed a sixth place inthe qualifying and a fifth in the final rounds of the meet.  Anna looks like she had a great vault, but isn't working to well, or at least with much difficulty on floor.

By the way, I haven't seen any videos yet, but there is bound to be real soon)


  1. ocording to IGonline. they used a judjing system that gives bonus for difficlty and originality so maybe thats y the big score?

  2. In Russian only events, there are bonuses given out for doing certain things.

  3. As I write this, I am raising a toast to our favorite vodka drinker. ;-) Za vas, Anya! You were one of the brightest spots in gymnastics during this past decade, and you will be missed dearly.

  4. According to a Russian gymnastics forum, they are not making the videos public and only sharing them amongst Russian gymnastics fans. They seemed pretty ticked off that the rest of the gym world even knew about Mustafina and Nabieva's Amanars.