Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Now we have it.  This is Yuko Shintake's beam set, but I am not sure which day it is from.  Yuko equalled Koko  for the top marks on beam in the individual AA competition (14.700).  I don't remember Yuko being such a tallie- for a gymnast but perhaps she has grown.  She is no slouch on UB either, placing third with a 14.600.


This routine isn't really breaking any molds in terms of originality, but the her mount suits her lovely long form.  She has beautiful lines- and though there was a moment of hesitation in the Onodi, it still managed to look gorgeous.  She needs some work on her ring leap and connections, but she has a very pretty look on beam.  With her form, I think it is a pity she is not doing a twisiting dismount, which would look better on her and her lack of height and rotation- probably due to her height- wouldn't be such a problem.


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