Sunday, July 4, 2010


The all grown up Tatiana Nabieva....Come on- it's pretty obvious,isn't it?

 The tough one, the fighter who is talented but gauche?  Dances like every moment of forced grace is a nail in the coffin of her dignity- yet flies like she was meant to be in the air always, upward and eternal?

Yep, that's right, she is Russia 4.0's newest warrior- sans the hacked up eyebrows!  When you want a gymnast to perform wonders, to terrify the opposition or just stare down the apparatus until it whimpers its submission, you call on this one.

(before you ask- Yes, Russia 4.0. 
In my head- and probably my head only- it goes like this- Russia 1.0- the Soviets, Russia 2.0- Post Soviet, CIS- think Boginskaya, Lilipod, Kochetkova.  Russia 3.0- Owned by Khorkina and her talented but thwarted henchgymnasts, Russia 4.0 -from the Ksenias onwards until they retire and Komova and Grishina are seniors.



  1. Gymnast montages are a dime a dozen on Youtube, but there is a Produnova montage in the mix that is really truly exceptional. It's the montage by Lexness (and no, I'm not Lexness). The music and skills sync awesomely well together, and the clips really play up her characterization as a warrior. It could make a fan out of anyone who has never heard of Produnova.

  2. "Russia 3.0- owned by Khorkina and her talented but thwarted henchgymnasts"