Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Bit of a stunner from Kayla Williams ain't it?  That vault talent was indeed a flash in the pan for elite gymnastics.  Girl had potential. Was being a vault specialist not enough for Marta?   Clearly, I know nothing.
Actually, it sounds like she has made this decision on her own.  Maybe just getting on with school is her thing.
Also, am I going to hell for immediately thinking "Woo Alicia is IN, baby!!".  Really?  is that bad?  What kind of karma should I expect?
Oh well, Kayla will be a good strong college gymnast.  And maybe she just doesn't want all the eilite stuff.  Good on her if this really is the case.  Anyway, she probably didn't want to hold out for Olympics, and already being a World Champion in your specialty.  Why push crap uphill unless you really, really, really want it?



  1. Hmm. What does flash in the pan mean?

    And if you're going to hell, I'll e there with you. I thought EXACTLY the same thing. I feel like Alicia has like a 75% chance now and I also think it gives Kytra Hunter a chance. She's kinda quiet, not as noticeable as Aly or Macko, but she's good and deserves a shot.

  2. 99% sure that Alicia will be on that worlds team.

  3. I always thought she was over hyped. People said she was a floor/vault specialist--however, her floor was not "that" great. Her vaults were okay, but last year's wolrds were kind of weak. If it were a typical worlds I would have doubts if she would have been able to squeeze out a medal. Now I am going to hell.

  4. I think there's a large group of us going to hell if that's the case. I thought the EXACT same thing and I know a few others did. I'm so glad that Alicia is back. I'm sad that Kayla quit elite because I wanted to see more from her. However, if this is what she wants then good for her. She's not dilly-dallying around giving us some fake "I might try to..." or "If everything goes well..." She's being realistic and smart about her body and her mind. Congrats to her for making this tough decision.

  5. It's not that surprising actually - if you look at her age, her skills, and the fact that she won Worlds in a very weak year (Alicia couldn't even win a bronze medal with those two vaults in 2008, and I'd be willing to wager she couldn't have done it even with Kayla's cleaner DTY). Kayla's not particularly strong on beam or bars, and while her floor tumbling is magnificent, her lack of dance skills and flexibility makes her something of a one-trick pony. If she's too injured to give Visa championships a shot this year, she's pretty much retired by default.

    I think it's cool that she had her shot, actually - that she was healthy and technically precise in a rebuilding year when there was no team competition at Worlds. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an athlete like Kayla, and she was there to make the most of it. Good for her.