Thursday, July 15, 2010


Romanian rag, Libertatea, reports that Octavian Belu is working under duress with back pain.  The National team coach suffered from a herniated disc in his back, which was operated on in February.  If it had not been for the operation and subsequent recovery, he claims he may not have even considered returning to coach.
Belu told the press he still cannot work without some pain, which must make spotting fun, and his sporting activity has been restricted to swimming.

Earlier this week, he also spoke to the paper about the health problems that continue to affect the Romanian squad, including the retirement of the largely untested talents of Claudia Voicu due to knee issues.
Belu told Libertatea that three weeks into his having taken over the program, he asseses the gymnasts as being at 90% of their potential.  There is little time, he says, to introduce new skills, so the team is just focussing on performing the difficulty level's they already have cleanly and confidently so as not to lose in the execution scores.

In terms of Sandra Izbasa's recovery, he describes her as a 'warrior' saying that she is working terrible hard, looking well and is very much considered a strong part of the Worlds mix.  She wants to be completely ready, however, to compete.
This is lovely news, considering that it has seemed as though Sandra may never return to the sport.  I an very much looking forward to seeing her compete again.
He also cites Corina Ungureanu as an example of tenacity and deication in her willingness to fight biology.

In other, more inane news.  Nadia and Nastia once got to visit the cockpit of a plane in Copenhagen.  Nadia expressed her interest in learning to fly.  Because it was the Golden N's, this thought-provoking look into Comaneci's psyche was considered worthy of news!


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