Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Notice how there has been a strange hush over the Camp Romania over the last week?  Before then a gymnast couldn't cough or Belu couldn't utter a word without Prosport or the others reporting it! The last squeak out of Deva was the announcement that Nicolae Forminte had returned to the fold...then nothing.

Well, if you know Romania and you know how Octavian Belu works, this is to be entirely expected!

I had a feeling that after all the hullabaloo of the the coaching change-up, and then letting all and sundry media into the gym just to make sure no one was murdering the girls, that Belu would shut the doors for a while.  If Octavian Belu is anything, he is driven and pragmatic.  Time, as they say, is a-wasting, and he doesn't have much time for he and the others (I am not pretending even for a second that anyone but he is in charge over there) have a massive task getting a team into shape.  This is no time for media.  One thing is for sure, however, and that is that those girls will probably be as ready as it is humanly possible by October,.

I am sure there will be news over the coming months, but I am sure the media is giving it a little bit of a rest too now that all the DRAMA is over!

Anyway, Romania is still in the news as the Official 2010 World Championships Gymnastics website has published an article which is an account of the tumultuous last few months in Deva, including a series of quotes from the Romanian powers-that-be.  Check it out.  The Official site is going to be a major source of news during the World Championships too.


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