Friday, July 30, 2010


Apparently, according to the Jakarta Globe, China is getting all tough on themselves.

Chinese sports officials said that tighter checks introduced after the scandal would eradicate the problem. Cai Zhenhua, head of China’s delegation for next month’s Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, said the country had adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward potential cheats. 

Stringent documentation checks on China’s 70-strong squad have been carried out in addition to X-ray bone analysis on members of the team who are under 16 years old, Cai added. 

“We’ve scrutinized every athlete’s age for the Youth Olympic Games to make sure there is no one going to Singapore with a fake age,” he told Thursday’s China Daily. “We have to be very clean and transparent for the benefit of the athletes and the spirit of fair play.”


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  1. I almost find this comical. Why would the GYMNASTS want to falsify their own age? And how could they when they are picked for gymnastics at 2? It's ridiculous!