Sunday, July 4, 2010


First, thanks so much to everyone who pointed me in the direction of the More than a Game documentary.  I am very grateful.  I couldn't remeber its name to save my life! Does anyone, by the way, know what year that documentary was shown?

Another question now!  I just re-watched the first part of the Soviet Documentary, Inside the Gym, from Gymangel's channel, which was also released in the West with an English voiceover.  Has anyone seen the other parts of this documentary?  I can only find one. I have contacted Gymangels, but I am really hoping it is around.
Also, does anyone know if there were any other docos like that which were released to the West with English scripts in the seventies and eighties?  They must have English voiceovers because what is of interest is the information that was given to the West about Soviet gymnasts in that era.

Thanks guys!  If I ever get to write a book about this stuff- you'll be the first I'll thank in my acknowledgements! (actually, I better thanks my Mum first- you know how they get!) 

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  1. I remember reading that More Than A Game was shown in 1991. And I don't know if the English-language versions are on Youtube, but I think there was a documentary about Korbut and another about Yurchenko that were dubbed into English at some point, but I suspect those were fairly sugar-coated.