Sunday, July 4, 2010


There are now some videos of the Individual competition at the Japan Cup on Tenshiguy78's Youtube channel.  You can watch Afanasyeva's floor and beam, which are impressive, but not quite as inmpressive as the team competition.You can also see Aliya Mustafina's floor routine below.  Mustafina looks tired, I think.  She has that look like the burden of gravity is getting to be too much for her.  I hope it just a temporary, mid-season lag and not something permanent.


Hopefully we may too see some videos of the Japanese girls in action. I long to see Tsurumi's bars.

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  1. I think she usually only shows her best form at the top competitions (Euros, Worlds, etc.) She didn't look too great at French Internationals this year but showed up at Euros pretty polished.

    On another note, I can't decide whether I like this new floor exercise better or not. I think the dance is better, but it's beginning to sound a bit like background music to me....