Thursday, July 29, 2010


Zam the Ham (Photo: The Daily Bruin)

Oh, I have missed her speaking!  Bring on college season!  Post-Classics quote:

Our goal with Vanessa for her first elite meet was to hit clean, beautiful gymnastics and to thoroughly enjoy the experience.  Mission accomplished.  We could not be more happy for Mattie Larson.  She has battled back from months of injury and rehab and is stronger and more beautiful than ever.  Both Mattie and Vanessa bring out the artistry in "artistic gymnastics"
Lawd, wouldn't you just love to know what was going through Val's mind as she watched some of those Classics floor routines?

I just watched the entire Classics coverage last night too.  How hilarious when Vanessa Zam waves to the camera and say "Hi Mom! Hi Dad", then points off to the side and says "Oh you're right here!"

Funnier Tim Dagget saying "It's got to be fun to coach her in the gym.  Fun...or hard, I don't know...."
And a Tim Dagget intentional funny doesn't come around to often!



  1. Where can I find the coverage online? Fantastic blog by the way!

  2. it's on the universal sports website.

  3. ummm..didn't she have a scary crash on beam?