Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAKING AMENDS WITH KYLA and other things......!

Classics are a' coming which should inject a bit of excitement in the great big lull that has been the gymnastics world this past couple of weeks.  I am very interested to see how a lot of the juniors are coming along.  I mean, I can't imagine anyone even giving Jordyn Wieber a minor fright if she shows the level of gymnastics she performed at Pac Rims.  But you know, seeing how the other kids measure up will be fun.
I watched this video of Kyla Ross on floor again, today.  I seem to have it in for Ross- and it's only because she pips Sabrina Vega and I like Sabs style so much better.  But even I have to admits, Kyla walks all over her in the tumbling department.  And she is so light on her landings!  Even when she sticks she looks as though she is as light as a piece of cotton.  It reminds me of Carly Patterson's landings on beam.

I mean, she can't dance to save her life, and her chorey is dreadful, but since when has that ever stopped a US gymnastics from dominating?!!
It wasn't that hard to tell myself I like her after this routine- girl's got big skills.

It will also be fun to watch how Lizzy Leduc does. Another tiny girl with mad skills.  It's hard not to imagine her burning out before she is of age, but the US are getting better at that I think, and maybe being at WOGA will help.  Shrug.
I may have already posted this beam set- I can't remember- or if I just though of posting it.  Anyway, biggest score of the meet- 14.85- nice original mount-big skills-nary a wobble- Marta watching- yada yada yada!!!


Bring on Classics!!


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  1. I love this girl, what a talent! Let's hope WOGA nurture her and she doesn't burn out.