Sunday, July 4, 2010


Miss Ksenia Afanasyeva, who I believe may have now knocked The Memmel off her Comeback Queen pedestal (I don't think Chellse is coming back no more) won the all around at the Japan Cup with a score of 58.350. It is one thing for Ksenia to do it once, but twice? This could be a really, really good sign.  In fact, if you consider Pac Rims, that is three great all-around contests in a few months.

Afanasyeva has some tremonedous skills added to her routines, inlcuding a standing Arabian on beam and a double layout and a series of whipbacks into a triple twist, signalling that she very strong again, after many injuries.  Coupled with her usual elegance and beautiful movements, Afanasyeva has reshaped herself into a formidable competitor.

In the PDF of the results, it says the Japanese names in characters, so I am gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the 2nd place Japanese girl is Koko Tsurumi, with a score of 57.750.  Considering the bars score is 15.100, I think it is safe to say it is her.  Aliya Mustafina took third place with 57.100.

This is a big fat "yeah!!!' for Afanasyeva in seeing her way to a worlds berth.  Good girl.  The question now is, will both the Ksenia's go to Worlds?



  1. Heh heh, after seeing Ksenia's scores I immediately thought of you :) Nice job indeed, 3 competitions in a row!
    I like the new floor music, it suits her nicely.

  2. Ksenia is the bomb. So great to see her so strong.
    Let's hope she can keep her head together from now on!

  3. She's absolutely my favorite gymnast right now! I love her power and her expression. I also think it's adorable how she clearly gives advice and support to the other girls.