Saturday, July 3, 2010


Remember cute little Hannah Whelan?  She was the tiny little thing in the British  Beijing Olympic Team, who then kind of disappeared off the International elite scene?  Well, it seem the gymnast, who trains at Liverpoool under Sarah Attwell has been nursing a wrist inury for the last while.  She is all grown up and, it seems, she is back and in form, as she has taken the senior AA title at the British National Championships (57.800), followed by Nicole Hibbert(55.80) and then, in third place was Danusia Francis (55.350).

That is an excellent all-around score for the youngster, who apparently performed superbly.  I am looking forward to seeing the videos.

According to the British Gymnastics website, all three girls are returning from injuries.  Here is what they had to say

Hannah said: “ I’m really, really happy! I didn’t have any aims or expectations coming into the competition. So to then go out and win is just incredible. I’ve had injury problems so to then return and become British Champion is fantastic.”
Nicole said: “ I had a really good competition. In training I felt a slight problem with my hip but it seems to have recovered. My Beam was a bit wobbly but overall I'm happy. Its potentially a big year coming up with either the Commonwealth Games or World Championships so I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year.”
Danusia: “I’m extremely happy, I've had a bit of a difficult run in with a few injuries so to be able to compete here in the first place was great, and gave me a chance to see where I stand compared to some of the other gymnasts. Having missed out on the Europeans it was good to show the home crowd what I can do and win a medal.” 
Get full reports and scores from the site here. 

Here is Hannah performing at the World Cup Event in Portugal.  Though she has some bobbles, and steps out, this routine isn't bad.  There are some inspired moments of choreography in part, though she needs to work with someone on body shape and rhythm in parts, I think, which would make it a really, good routine.  Anyway, you decide what you think;



  1. Ah, you're right, she was part of the Beijing team. I though her only major copetition up until now were the 2009 Europeans.
    So she was injured... Thank you, I've been wondering what happened to her after those EC, she simply disappeared.

  2. Looks like a young Carly (complete with pony tail) here. Lovely routine apart from the landings.