Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here is Hannah Whelan's beam set from the British Nationals in which she won the AA.  Nice routine, but messy and way tooooo much arm flapping for my liking. You can see potential, but it needs work- and half of the poses taken out so it won't seem so manic. That said, there were a few interesting, out of the ordinary arm flaps so you know, kudos to her choreographer for coming up with some new stuff.

(If I knew how to make GIFS, I would make some to show you the names I have for some of the more common arm flaps that bug me, such as the I'll just get out my Compact Mirror and check my Make Up before I do my Arabian if that's Okay with You Ms Judge Flap, The Phew I did my Arabian, Wipe Sweat From the Brow Flap, the Point out where my Tiara should go Flap, The If I were playing a stereotypical Gay Man, my hands would go like this Flap, and of course, for the gymnast with attitude; The Talk to the Hand while I Buttshelf the Judges Flap)

ANYWAY, Hannah's routine has potential for pretty.  I like.  She did a nice two-and-a-half twist off.  I also love that for her close to the beam move she included the old backward roll to half kneel.  I have always like that.  It is a little old school and pretty.  She just needs to get clean and confident, as Miss Val would say.


What I did not know, and what I learned from the informative British Gymnastics Net, is that Hannah Whelan, aside from being born in Singapore, which for some reason I did know, also lived in Houston, Texas for a time when she was small.  Isn't that ironic!- perhaps in an Alannis Morrisette way- but ironic nonetheless.
 At eight, she was in the top twenty gymnasts in that gym-loaded state before she moved back to England

The Texas Border....No Gymnast Shall Cross....

I wonder if one day they are going to draft laws to stop the influx of Gymmigrants crossing the border looking for fine gyms and fair weather for their children to practice the sport. I can just imagine the border police turning away carloads families loaded up with leos and grips. "We have too many." If WOGA keeps it up they will have to change the name from The Lone Star State to the Many Gold  Medal State.


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  1. UG that routine. It looked like she was on speed. Did not care for it one bit.