Saturday, July 24, 2010


Jordyn Wieber's (semi) new floor music?  Which I kind of love for it being like the late eighties/early nineties floor music version of a power ballad?  I finally worked out what it reminds me of....

Ever seen the film American Anthem?

Well, methinks Jordyn's Russian choreographer (who is not Russian!) really wanted her to do a classical piece, all strings and sweetness.

But all Jordyn really wanted to do was show the world she could dance.  That's when her wheelchair bound cousin, who devotes his life to belting out cheesy but cool electro-rock-orchestral pieces (in fact,I think the psycho base riff in the middle may actually be from American Anthem) out of his home synthesizer steps in and tailors something that showed the world that gymnasts can make an Olympic team and be like totally sassy too!  He also, of course, tailored it to sartorial stylings of her backless training leotard. So eighties.  I love it.  I mean it.



  1. While I love your little fantasy, I feel it is incumbent on me to inform you that Jordyn's choreographer is a guy called Dominic Zito. Doesn't have a terribly Russian ring to it, does it? :-)

  2. Not quite a fantasy, but thanks for theinfo!