Monday, July 5, 2010


Koko Tsurumi's bars set. 
I love how she looks kinda sulky as she is spraying the bars.  Obviously, from every time I have seen her, she is a sunny little thing, but her default 'serious' face looks kinda grumpy.  It's cute.
Koko looks good, and clean on bars and much more impressive, though there were a few bobbles. I will leave it others far more UB knowledegeable to talk about it more than that.


It is always great to see someone keep improving, even after they have already done an Olympics and some worlds. Japan, however, has to be considered one of the great nations for keeping their gymnasts uninjured- when a girl is national champion in Japan, she often is for years. And gymnasts have stayed on National teams for what feels like centuries. I am thinking of Risa Sugawara, Mari Kosuge, Kyoko Oshima etc. Sure, their lengthy reigns can also be attributed to the lack of depth over the last few decades, but still, to keep your most competitive gymnasts for that long? That is a testament to some wise coaching. It will be truly interesting to see how, with the obvious improvements in training techniques (including some WOGA working up) how they will synthesise it into their own protocols and training ethics.

On my usual deeply shallow note- I am confused about that leotard.  I can deal with the pattern, but would have lost the sequins.  Also, I am not entirely sure why the collar is black, or the torso is a rose red while the sleeves are crimson.  It's weird.  But, as usual, I truly, deeply appreciate them for their avante garde approach to gymnastics attire.  They are always interesting.

Here too is Rie Tanaka, easily Japan's best vaulter, doing a Yurchenko one-and-a-half.  It is pretty good- she's strong, but Koko Tsurumi is right, she and Rie need to learn a double to be competitive.


You can check if more of the Japanese girl's routines are being uploaded on Peko2928's Youtube Channel.  There is a video of Koko's floor, which has been changed from her Worlds routine from last year, but I don't know how recently that happened.  She does a good job of her tumbling, and makes nice body shapes, but something is off.  I can't tell, though it is the same issue I felt with her 2009 routine.  Wether it is the chorey, or if she is a little stiff when she has to dance I don't know.

I would also really like to see a video of Yuko Shintake's beam in the AA as she tied with Koko Tsurumi for the highest score there, but I haven't located one yet.

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  1. The spray bottle that Koko used for spraying down the bars was so cute! =D