Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(Andreea teaching the kids... to breakdance from the looks of it! Photo: Libertatea)

I just love how gymnastics and even just gymnasts as 'celebrities' is part of everyday news in Romania.  This week, so far in the Rom rags;

Libertatea informed us that Teodora Ungureanu has a new granddaughter (whoops!!), who makes her 'melt' with the cuteness.  Her daughter Adriana had a daughter called Amelia who was baptised in an orthodox church in New York this week.
I like Teodora.  i remember thinking she came off pretty gruff in Gymnastike interviews a long time ago, but when I met her at Pac Rims she was quite lovely.  I think she really let's the pressure of Sabrina Vega doing well get to her during competitions, making her tense and stern, though, and Sabrina seems like a sensitive kid who'd react to that.

(Teodora's daughter, Adriana, and baby Amelia. Photo: Libertatea)

Andrea Raducan has taken part in a project in Romania encouraging kids to discover the 'spirit' of sport.  Andreea talked to them about sport and then taught them some simple skills.  She told the paper she loves working with kids because they are "honest and beautiful".  She also invited them to come and see the National team train in Izvorani.


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  1. I'm confused.. Teodora has a new niece? or a new granddaughter?