Saturday, July 24, 2010


Cuddly Shawn Johnson- scaring strapping male gymnasts everywhere!

The British newspaper The Telegraph  published a London 2012 Olympics Guide, presumably for people wo know nothing about gymnastics.  My favorite part;

Three names to watch?
Louis Smith, Daniel Keatings, and Beth Tweddle.
Biggest international rivals?
Comeback kid Shawn Johnson (USA), Chinese women’s team, Zhang Hongtao (China).
Um, has this person watched any gymnastics since 2008?  Seen any Russian girls lately?  Or the other US kids for that matter?  Sure, they should be scared of the Chinese women, but even if SJ does claw her way back in, since when has she been a threat to Tweddle on bars, or a threat to Keatings or Smith for that mater (yes, for the very earnest person who was going to comment and correct me, I do know that is not what they meant)?!!!  I love it when non-gymnastics people cover the sport.  It's always entertaining!

And shouldn't Louis and Smith be more worried about Kohei Uchimura than little old Shawn Johnson!!



  1. Smith and Keatings are both afraid of SJ. they know they can't compete with that level of cute. Oh you meant competing at gymnastics and not marketability...oops my bad.

  2. The Telegraph got it right. Smith and Keatings, both pommel horse specialists, should be very afraid of Zhang Hongtao, who is probably the best pommel worker in the world right now and the top contender for every major pommel horse title in the next few years.

    And while Shawn Johnson might not be the greatest threat to Tweddle to bars, she would certainly be a threat to her on floor, don't you think?

  3. I think she was athreat to her in 2008.... butnow? Who knows! Most of this post was just taking the P@#%- what I was really trying to say is, is SJ the biggest worry at this point? Even in just the US I'd be more worried about Wieber.

  4. PolyisTCOandbannedJuly 24, 2010 at 11:16 PM

    Two words: Paul. Hamm.

  5. People just love SJ. It's not her fault, so please don't blame her. :P