Sunday, July 4, 2010


Here is Anna Dementieva and Aliya Mustafina competing on beam in the team finals yesterday.  There are videos beginning to appear now, as we wait for the individual results.  I have to say, while I appreciate Dementieva's solidness and difficulty, there is something I don't love about her beam set.  Her stance on preparation into skills is a little ungainly, as is her 'set' when she completes them.  She is not quite as elegant as some of the others.  That said, her back layout was lovely and high and I love her crazy hands!
She seems to love a chat too, going on the time she waited for her score. She didn't stop yakking!
Aliya Mustafina looked tentative but polished. Her sheep jump was atrocious though.


Here is Ksenia Afanasyeva on beam and Tatiana Nabieva on floor.
Afanasyeva looked great on beam. I cannot express how pleased I will be for her if she goes to Rotterdam this year. She looks sharper and more solid that I have ever seen her this year. Her lift off the beam during her arabian and her tumbling is quite terrfic considering she is not tiny and has never been explosive. It is really nice to seeing her smiling and pleased with her self at the end of a performance too. At Pac Rims, she never looked like she was convinced by her beam performances.
I love that Blondie's 'Dreaming' was playing in the background too!

Tatiana Nabieva practically went for a jog off the podium after an overcooked first pass and looked sufficiently demoralised afterwards. It was a pity, actually as her tuck on her double arabian was fantastic, and her triple twist forceful, but she danced around looking like a zombie after that initial mistake. That is not the way to convince the judges that you are bigger and better than the errors you commit. She needs to learn to look forward. I like Nabieva, but she needs to learn to deal with that better. If you can walk off the podium grinning over your mistakes, you should have the maturity to shrug them off in performance, I believe.


And lastly, as I pop off to work, here is Anna Dementieva and Ksenia Afanasyeva on floor.
Dementieva has a lot of promise on floor I think.  Her chorey is quite great in bits, and she could be a great dancer if she polishes up a little.  You can tell she enjoys performing, and is lovely and expressive. Her tumbling needs help, as do her lovely long legs aren't quite perfect in leaps sometimes.

Ksenia Afanasyeva put in one of the best floor performances I have EVER seen her do.  I don't know where she pulled that double layout from but it was magnificent, and the landing....... *shakes head*.
Her two whipbacks through to triple twist were also pretty darn great with just a lunge step back.  This girl is ROCKING it at the moment!


I will let you know if I see other videos pop up.



  1. Aliya's sheep jump has ALWAYS looked like that. They took it out for Euros and put in a switch ring and switch split instead, which worked very well seeing as she can't do a sheep jump to save her life. I don't see why they just don't do that, period. Looks like they're switching up her tumbling again, too.

  2. The return of multiple whipbacks! Love it!

  3. Thanks for the post & commentary! This is going to be an exciting year for gymnastics IMO. It'll be great to see team USA at classics & nationals, the new crowd + veterans. And then worlds with a newly lead Romanian team a stronger Russian team, a newly invigorated British team, plus team usa (though w/o its young jrs)'ll bbe fun :)